Sometimes you buy a really nice pair of shoes only to be disheartened to know that they do not offer any comfort to your feet and leaves them blistered. We know how annoying it gets! So in case of any mishap like this, here are some simple home remedies to ease your discomfort:

Neem and Turmeric Paste:
One of the best natural ways of treating show bites is by blending neem and turmeric into a paste and applying it to the affected area. Both these herbs have loads of anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties that help in treating shoe bites. Apply twice to thrice a day if needed.

Coconut Oil + camphor:
Coconut oil along with some camphor mix can provide instant relief if you are in pain from a shoe bite. All you need to do is to add a few drops of coconut oil and a tablespoon of camphor. Mix it and gently apply it on the shoe bite. This will give a cooling sensation on the blister and reduce the pain.

Rice Flour:
Shoe bites are said to leave scars that can make your foot or ankle look bad. To avoid that, mix some rice flour with some water and apply it on your blisters. You need to allow it to dry till the paste turns hard and then wash it gently with some lukewarm water. Apply twice to thrice a day if needed.

This is the most accessible home remedy that you can get to treat shoe bites. All you need to do is to apply some white toothpaste on your shoe bite and this will give you a cooling sensation. Leave it till the paste dries and hardens and then wash it away with some lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera:
The plant is widely known for its medicinal properties. This will instantly relieve you from pain and regular usage of aloe vera can reduce scars caused by acne. You can add some aloe vera gel on your wound and get rid of your shoe bite.

Petroleum Jelly:
Shoe bites leave scars on your feet and can make your skin look rough. In order to have smooth skin and ease the pain of a shoe bite, you can apply some petroleum on the wound and you would feel better. A shoe bite can leave you with severe pain and thus apply some petroleum jelly on it can ease out the pain and keep your feet relaxed.

Good Old Honey:
Honey one age-old ingredient used at homes to treat small injuries and burns. Simply, add some honey on your wound and this will do the trick. Honey will not only relieve you from the pain but also reduce scars of a shoe bite. You can even add some sesame oil to the honey and apply it to the wound.

Olive Oil:
Olive oil has a rich source of vitamin E which has loads of healing properties. This is a good cure for shoe bites and you can also add some almond oil to it and apply it onto your wound. When almond oil is mixed with olive oil, both together have the ability to cure blisters in a faster way. Make sure that you apply this twice a day in order to achieve better results.

Applying alcohol over a shoe bite can give you a burning sensation, but it will relieve you from the pain. Alcohol is known for its antiseptic properties that can relieve you from the irritation and reduces your chances of developing an infection. So simply dip a piece of cotton in some alcohol and gently rub it on your shoe bite.


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