What kind of a workaholic are you ?

Has the work from home schedule made you top the employee of the month list or has it made you lazy ? Overdrive's got your back in both !

Are you the overdressed uptight hard worker who never misses a deadline ? On work from home zoom meetings, are you the first one to join the meeting with all the facts and data compiled in formats ? Are you always dressed neatly like a professional hustler even for a 20 minute schedule ? Kudos !! Then you successfully have registered yourself into the Overdrive SID personality gang. We have shoes just right for you. Shoes, with outstanding unmatched comfort and phenomenal style just to amp up your outfit of the day. Visit to shop !

If you are the couch lover, enjoy working in your jammies and tries to keep it lowkey, we have the best match for you !! Overdrive Sandals are technically designed by skilled professionals to provide maximized optimal comfort. Slip on your feet into one of these and voila! you're ready to hop on to your day.  Visit to shop now.

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