Denims Blue Loafer with Tassels

Loaf Around in Our Premium Pointed Shoes. They are a Perfect balance between Smart and Casual Footwear complimenting a Preppy Look to your Outfit. These carefully Designed Blue Tassel Loafers are Versatile to the Hilt.

WEAR IT WITH Blazer, Casual Trousers or Dark Jeans

WHEN TO WEAR IT: Semi-Formal Occasions, Restaurant, Bar, Friday Nights

Upper Material: Leather
Sole Material: TR
Care Instruction: Use Suede Brush to Clean the Upper Material. Remember to Brush in the direction of the nap.

There are different ways your Suede Shoes can get Dirty, so there are different ways to deal with the Damage.

If you get Mud on your Suede, wait for it to Dry and then Carefully chip it off, before Brushing out the excess dirt with a Suede brush.

Scuff marks can be cleaned up with a Suede Eraser or rubber cleaning stone Gum can be removed by placing your shoes in the Freezer until the gum freezes, then, like the mud, carefully chipping it off.

Water stains are tricky to remove and it's likely that your shoes will go a shade darker, but to create an even look stuff your shoes with Newspaper and lightly spray them with water.

Blot with a damp cloth and leave them to air dry.

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