Monsoon, Allergies and DIY Home Remedies

Monsoon, Allergies and DIY Home Remedies

Monsoons have set a foot in our lives and this definitely calls for celebrations. This season which brings a relief after the scorching heat brings smile on faces of all. However, before you step out in the rain to get soaked in the drops, think about your feet once. Have you thought what the rain does to your feet? Infections and feet allergies are common during this season. Read more to know about all the possibilities and their DIYs just at your home.


“ Better a PHEW! than a mummy sahi kehti thi ” 

* Wash your feet when you are coming from outside as the moisture and humidity due to excessive exposure in rain water can give rise to fungal infections.

* Keep your feet dry especially in between the toes because after taking bath or getting wet in rain we usually forget to clean the moisture, which is the prime cause of fungal and bacterial infections. 

* After scrubbing your feet with pumice stone, if your skin is feeling dry, it is best to use a moisture based cream. However, it is recommended never to apply cream in between the toes as the moisture content is high in between the web spaces.

* Excessive sweating can also cause your feet to become wet so preferably you should use talcum powder before you put on your footwear. If there is always a pungent smell in your feet, you could be having a fungal infection and it is time to visit a doctor.


..... unless you want to wake up the next morning and see memes of you allover !

* Wear extra wide and well cushioned footwear, which is made of natural material. Avoid wearing tight pointed and high heel footwear during rains. Open sandals or flip flops should be worn as it will allow the dirt to slip out if the footwear gets muddy or dirty. Moreover, sharing your footwear can also lead to different problems during monsoons.

*Take extra care while trimming your toe nails, cut them straight and file the corners having sharp edges. Do not keep long nails as they accumulate dirt and dust.

*Diabetic patients should avoid experimenting with their feet since the wounds won’t heal soon.


* Don’t forget to always have your umbrella with you when going out. The rain is unpredictable, so always have it. Also have with you muffler or scarf for the cold. There is a good possibility for you to fall sick during this season after being out door for hours.

* Tea-Tree Pedicure is a new revolution in foot care that turns your feet beautiful, fairer and smoother. Best suited for the monsoon, it has antiseptic, anti-fungal and disinfecting properties and, therefore, this pedicure keeps skin-allergies, cracked heels, feet corns and other sensitivity issues also at bay. The extract of tea-tree soothes your feet and even turns them brighter and softer with regular sittings.

* To make your feet soft, supple and more presentable, you may try applying a mixture containing equal amounts of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice. Apply this mixture daily, after thoroughly washing your feet for a set of brighter-looking and smoother toes. You can also replace athis with aloevera. It works wonders for the skin as well as fights bacteria.

* Cracked heels is also a bothersome problem of monsoon. You can use waste candles to say good bye to cracked heels. Just create a mixture by heating the candle wax with equal amount of mustard oil so that it becomes a thick mixture. Fill your cracked heels with this mixture and sleep with cotton socks to make your heels smoother.

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