About Overdrive

We believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of wearing beautiful and well-made shoes.That is why we are dedicated to bringing the best of both worlds to your doorstep.
Founded in 2018, Overdrive is a leather footwear brand on the verge of connectingfashion-savvy individuals with the latest footwear culture and helping them stay ahead of thefashion curve. Created by Arushi Kalsi, the brand is backed up by a 30-year-old export house to offer the Indians a taste of European fashion through comfortable and stylish footwear.
We are excited to introduce our natives to stunning Italian designs and German-quality leatherfootwear. Through our brand, we proudly continue the tradition of leather shoes as a symbol ofstatus and sophistication. Intending to build a brand synonymous with quality and elegance, weinvite you to come along on our journey as we create a legacy that will last for generations.