Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit Ideas

Just a little bit of planning and forethought can pump your confidence and make your day super special. can avoid some of the hazards that men tend to stumble into. Let’s cover some basic rules of thumb.

Don’t Overdress.
To begin with, bear in mind that you aren’t going for a job interview, and that this probably isn’t a formal occasion. Keep it nice, neat and minimal. Always creates a big impact.

Don’t Neglect Grooming
While it might not technically count as part of your outfit, some basic hygiene will go a long way toward ensuring the success of your date (or at least, preventing its failure.) A new haircut will make a decided impact, as will some sparingly-applied fragrance. If you’re sporting a beard, then make sure that it’s suitably trim and luxuriant. Wear fresh socks and don't forget to trim your nails.

Don’t Neglect Accessories
The right choice of belt, watch and jewelry will make a difference. Here’s where you’ll be able to express some of your personal taste, which they can either be intrigued or repelled by. But you’ll want to impose a few sensible limits on yourself. Display too much bling and you risk looking tacky.

Get the Shoes Right
However impressive a date night outfit for guys might be, it’s sure to be undermined by poorly-chosen shoes. Don’t make the fatal mistake of assuming that no-one is going to be looking at your feet! Don’t wear flashy white socks, and don’t wear shoes that make weird noise while walking. Match your footwear with the rest of what you’re wearing, and be sure that they’re properly cleaned and polished. The right choice of men’s shoes for date-night will make the difference between an outfit that dazzles and one that disappoints.

Still confused? Why not try a smart men’s brogue or a stylish men’s loafer? They’re classics for a reason! Have a great 

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