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June 09, 2020


The potential menstrual hygiene management challenges faced by female employees in workplace environments have been under-addressed in most workplace provisions. To effectively manage this painful period of time inside the workplace, women require access to water, proper sanitation & hygiene facilities, appropriate menstrual hygiene materials, service for the disposal, and most importantly, a supportive environment where they face minimum challenges and lesser difficulties. 

To address this issue and come up with a suitable & comfortable solution, Metro & Metro has put efforts towards a strategic start in their factory with service to their women employees. Initiatives like having basic facilities available in the factory, separate gender-friendly toilets with the provision of water, and sanitation & hygiene facilities have been worked upon.

Ensuring the toilets are kept clean at all times, being the topmost priority, with other details like menstrual waste disposal facilities, dustbins for the disposal of used pads in the toilets, availability of newspaper to wrap the used pads before disposal, having a discrete supply of sanitary pads available in an emergency along with basic supplies for the complications during menstruation are the key points to the matter.  Hygienic restrooms for female staff during menstrual cramps and complications are always available inside the workplace. Understanding that females may need days off to deal with menstrual complications, Metro & Metro provides leave without any pre-approval requirement during their time and also provides free ambulance services to the hospital in cases of any emergency. Metro & Metro conducts campaigns and group discussions where, authorities take charge of raising awareness among everybody from time to time, to have a clear understanding of health, menstrual hygiene and its importance followed by QnA sessions where every individual is encouraged to participate in asking questions and providing additional information.